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Fabric Scraps & wadding bundles

One of our many dreams is to leave zero waste from the making of Secret Products. Achieving this is no mean feat by any stretch of the imagination, but it is an area we are passionate about and strive hard to make happen.  

Our waste management system is one of the steps we have taken to help us realise our ambitions in this important area.  We ask our Maker Groups to return fabric remnants left over from production of Secret Products and we put them to good use! We make these valuable fragments of material into other Secret Products, like our Secret Bunting, as well as popping them together into beautiful ‘scrap bundles’ for craft lovers and teacher all over the world.  

We also are able to offer bundles of the wadding left over from production of our Secret Pillows to our customers. Wadding can be difficult to purchase in small quantities and large bundles are hard to store, so we are grateful to be able to provide small amounts for sale.  

Do jump on our ‘Live Chat’ if you have any other ideas for our fabric scraps and wadding bundles. We would love to hear your thoughts!  



Fabric Scraps  & wadding bundles
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Sari Scrap Pack
Sari Scrap Pack
Regency Scrap Pack
Vintage Scrap Pack
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