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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Earth Heir

Meet Earth Heir, a business with a vision to build generations as heirs to the earth. Earth Heir® was founded to serve traditional artisans in underserved communities - we support their unique craftsmanship with holistic ethical business operations, including education, collaborative design partnerships, production; supply chain training, market access, financial support, and fair trade commercial practices. Our hope is for artisans to grow to be independent, be upskilled and develop sustainable livelihoods. This way the artisan sector as a whole becomes a means for economic development for communities.

Earth Heir is a certified member of World Fair Trade Organisation. 

What is the World Fair Trade Organisation?

WFTO is a global association of SMEs and retailers, that practice and advocate for an alternative economic system. All our members practice the 10 Principles of Fair Trade across their entire operations and supply chain. A Guaranteed WFTO member adheres to the highest ethical requirements. WFTO members are also fully verified as Fair Trade plus social enterprises. The sustainable, ethical, and beautiful products sold here are made by some of our Guaranteed WFTO members.


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