We are delighted to highlight how to shop with us this Christmas including details of our Christmas Campaign to sponsor Secret Face Masks for India.

Business in a Box at Christmas Time

Our Makers in India need to work. Our Customers across the globe want to buy sustainable and ethical Christmas gifts. Mix this all together and hey presto, we give you Business in a Box for Christmas! 

Order a box from this Collection and our Makers will immediately begin work to lovingly stitch each Secret Product in your box!  These will then be shipped to our UK warehouse by the end of November, giving us plenty of time to place them into a beautiful box and pop it in the post to be with you well before Christmas. Your gorgeous box will also contain a
Christmas card as well as newspaper gift bags for each item, to make
life even easier! 

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Business in a Box SMALL with UK delivery
Business in a Box SMALL with international delivery
Business in a Box MEDIUM with UK delivery
Business in a Box MEDIUM with international delivery
Business in a Box LARGE with UK delivery
Business in a Box LARGE with international delivery

Give the gift of ethical investment this Christmas to a loved one...

Buy them shares in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society - a meaningful present that will give women in India the opportunity to thrive.

Buying shares for a loved one as a Christmas gift in Secret Projects Community Benefit Society, makes many, many powerful things happen...

It's a fantastic way of supporting the Change Maker in your life - the person who wants a fairer world, where vulnerable and marginalised people are given a chance to become empowered to support themselves and their families financially.  Believe us, they will thank you warmly for this unique and thoughtful present.

Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware. The women don't want 'handouts', they simply want an opportunity to earn their own income and that is exactly what we have helped over 500 women achieve in the last 7 years living in regions of India where there are few income generating opportunities. We are committed to helping more women - it's what drives us.  Buying Shares as a gift, (or as a personal investment) means that we can work with even more women and help them to create better and safer lives for themselves, their families and children. 

Shares are £10 each with a minimum investment of just £50 and shares bought on behalf of a young person (16's and under) will come with a Young Shareholder Pack.
To buy shares for a loved one this Christmas, please click the button below.

Please note: If you would like our Young Shareholder Pack and Share Certificate Letter emailed to you in time for Christmas, please contact invest@secretprojects.org, giving the name of the person/s you have purchased the shares for.

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A Day with Secret Projects in West Sussex

Secret Projects is enjoying its new home in West Sussex and we thought it was high time we invited our Shareholders, Friends and Customers to come and visit. 

Our founder and CEO Fritha, has also moved with her family to West Sussex and the home her partner Olaf has built for them was featured on the UK's popular programme Grand Designs. Kevin McCloud was astonished and delighted by the build. Coined 'triangle house 'by the locals, the house is quite spectular. 

Fritha felt that offering a house tour and a Spring lunch at her home would be a perfect addition to a visit to Secret Projects unit which holds its virtual shop and film and
photography studio. It was a great success and there was a demand for a date in the Spring.

We hope you will join us at our Spring event on Saturday 2 April 2022.

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