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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

About our Clothing and Accessories

About our Secret Clothing and Accessories 

Launched in 2017 to huge applause, our Secret Clothing and Accessories line is so much more than a stylish, chic and unique range... At it’s heart lies empowerment, coupled with Secret Projects backlash against fast fashion. These wonderful items are the highest quality, made with absolute love by the women of our Maker Community and designed to be worn and used year on year. From our Ikat Scarves through to our Secret Shopping Bags, quality and design like this, never goes out of fashion!  

Our Secret Clothing line has been a glorious challenge! Clothing is not easy to produce, especially taking into account that our Makers don’t work in dedicated clothing factories, rather in small community centres and or local sewing units. Each woman is armed with just a sewing machine, a passion to earn an income to support themselves and their families and surrounded by a group of like-minded women.   

However, despite any limitations, Secret Clothing has become one of our strongest lines.  It’s growth has been helped enormously by amazing volunteers who have shared their skills and expertise, (link to how can I help page/lend us your skills) with us and our Makers.  Our Secret Sari Dress is a marvellous example of this support and has become an established, profitable and well-loved addition to the Secret Products Collection. 

It is pure joy to have the scope and opportunity to be able to explore and incorporate the vast and wonderful array of Indian fabrics into our range. From iconic, glamourous sari fabric to ditsy prints and modern, bold geometrical patterns, the choice is almost endless and gives so much scope to mix together a fusion of both the traditional and modern into our range.  

The future is bright! Great plans are afoot to carry on adding additional lines, including cute things for children and by popular demand, items for men!  Enjoy watching our short film below and of course, revel in the delights of the Secret Projects Clothing and Accessory range!