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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

I Want to Give Space

Make space in your life for Secret Projects

Secret Projects is constantly adapting and developing our business to best serve its purpose of unfolding women's power - help us remain streamlined and flexible by getting involved:

1. Share your workplace with us

We are looking for hot-desking facilities or office space in central London for the core Secret Pillow team for six months to one year, starting end at the end of 2017.

We are excellent office mates and make a great cup of tea, and it's a very practical way for your business to support our social cause.

2. Photoshoot

Secret Pillows look great everywhere - in houses, on boats, in camper vans, in kids rooms, under your favourite tree or overlooking your favourite view.

Allow us to hold a photoshoot in your space to showcase Secret Projects, we will organise all and if its a commercial space you wish to promote - do our best to help.

3. Retail space

Selling, selling, selling - this is constantly on our minds as our network of makers in India expands to more and more women. 

Could you give us temporary retail space to sell for one week or one month?

4. Secret Pillow Lunchtime

Let us come to your office and meet your team, tell them about Secret Projects and offer them special discounts. Share your support of our cause with your team.

Please contact aimee@secretprojects.org if you would like to make space for Secret Projects.