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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Our brand

In January 2017, Secret Pillow Project introduced an umbrella brand, Secret Projects. This change lead to the unfolding of the famous and much loved lotus flower, treasured  by our producers, customers, investors and staff team.

The creation of Secret Projects and the new logo started a new chapter in the history our social business's history where we aim to become a truly global brand promoting women's empowerment.

Secret Projects is the home of Secret Pillow Project and Secret Sari Dress Project. All products sold through Secret Projects are foldable, useful, purposeful and charming. Each sale unfolds a woman's power in India.

The meaning behind the lotus flower: Our logo derives from our strapline "Unfolding Women's Power". The lotus flower, the national flower of India, symbolises strength amongst diversity. The lotus flower grows from dark and murky waters into beauty and rebirth. The lotus flower represents each Secret Pillow Producer, who through making selling, rises up and unfolds their own hope, light, strength, power, prosperity, wisdom and love.

Jamadhi Verse, Jewels of the Lotus
"A silent prolific space
holding petals of exquisite grace
that are placed in living symmetry
around the life-giving stem.
the heart of hearts
that withstands and mends
through all the joy and burden
The petals never breaks, never bend
They link together without end
in strength of love's unwavering might,
costing healing glows of spirit light..."
The colours we use: Our lotus flower could only be one colour, rainbow, the colour of diversity, unity, brightness and positivity. When shown the new logo the original group of Secret Pillow Producers whooped and cheered with delighted.


Secret Pillow Project 

Secret Pillow Project still exists, it lies at the core of everything we do, it is were we learn, where we experiment, we where start new from when we launch a new sales base. Sometimes Secret Pillow Project will be the brand we use, for example, our USA sales base will remain Secret Pillow Project as it focuses on breaking the US market with a single product, the charming Secret Pillow.

Secret Pillow Project USA uses this version of our logo, the colour turquoise was chosen by the leader, Taja, as it is the colour of her childhood. Click here to visit Secret Pillow Project USA's online shop.


Secret Pillow Project India uses this version of our logo, the colour purple was chosen by the leader Nirmala as it is her favourite colour. Click here to visit Secret Pillow Project India's online shop.