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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Blogs and Podcasts on Women's Empowerment

Blogs and Podcasts on Women's Empowerment

Special Report - Girls: The Path to Gender Equality 

The Financial Times explores how can we invest in girls around the globe, empower them and help them achieve their ambitions, ultimately benefitting not only women but the whole world. Click here to read their feature on the social pressures exerted on young Indian girls. While more girls are enrolled in school than ever before, such pressures threaten to dislodge their education at any time. 


Why The World Bank is Investing in Women 

The We-Fi fund at The World Bank is the first fund dedicated to breaking down barriers to women's entrepreneurship in a global context. This podcast by director of the fund Priya Basu explains why such a fund is needed. 


Mothers of Invention

Climate change is a man-made problem - with a feminist solution! This series of podcasts introduces us to inspirational women all over the world who are driving climate solutions. They are our Mothers of Invention. The fifth episode, Against the Grain, meets Mothers of Invention in India. One of these super eco-feminists is leading a movement for Navdanya, or Earth Democracy.