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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Our POWER Mantra

Our POWER Mantra

It was on hearing a self-group in Kerala repeat their powerful mantra that inspired me to think about introducing a mantra in our Training for Empowerment workshops.

I researched the use of mantras in the formation of self-groups and discovered what a powerful tool they are promoting commitment, solidarity and discipline. I realised that it was important for our project to have its own mantra that could be shared throughout the training sessions we run.

I have found mantras to be a useful tool when facing a new challenge. By repeating certain words I have found that I have been able to reinforce an idea or concept which has at first felt daunting or alien to me. The more I repeat the words of the mantra, the more I feel able to accept the challenge and break down any psychological barrier which I see as an obstacle to success. With this in mind, I devised a mantra which I use and which I teach to the women in our Training for Empowerment workshops. When they first join the Secret Projects maker network, the women are often a bit hesitant and lack the confidence and self-belief to strive towards their goal of financial independence. We encourage the women to repeat this mantra when they come together, when they are facing challenges, when they are not sure how to move forward, and when feelings of self-doubt creep in. This is Secret Project's POWER mantra and it’s at the heart of everything we do.

We believe in ourselves,
We support one another,
We persist,
We think and think again,
We trust our instincts,
We take pride in everything we do,
We work with joy,
We pretend until we know how!


I hope you have a mantra you use. If not, use ours! 

Love Fritha