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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Collog - Fashion Revolution

Collog - Fashion Revolution

Secret Projects are taking part in Fashion Revolution Week 20-26th April.

Secret Projects empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homewares.

The fashion revolution movement to positively change the way our clothing is made is something very close to our hearts at Secret Project.

We work with 14 Maker Groups throughout 5 Indian states. The women in our Maker Groups (we call them our Makers) are paid at least twice the Indian fair wage rate. We are a global organisation with offices in the UK as well as India and our team in India are able to contact  our Maker Groups on a regular basis. We can genuinely tell our customers that we know who made our clothing and homeware range and each item we produce has a certificate of authenticity signed by the Maker.

Our customers are a group of committed individuals who, like us, are passionate about equality for women working in the clothing manufacturing business and work to end exploitation. Together we are keen for the next generation to be equally if not more committed to fair and good conditions for women working in clothing production.

We have small range of children’s Mini Secret Skirts and other items such as Secret Bunting and a range of children’s Secret Pillows. As each item unfolds the kids come to understand who made the item and the message of empowerment begins.

We firmly believe that Fashion Revolution Week is something to celebrate to bring about more change. As part of our celebrations, we are offering 6 bloggers a Mini Secret Skirt if they will promote the Secret Projects brand on their platforms/magazines/press.


Join us on our journey to empower women in India (March 2020)

 This month, we collaborated with 6 journalists and bloggers who want to make a difference and believe in a more equal world for all, especially women. Secret Projects is a Community Benefit Society that empowers women in India through the making and selling of clothing and homeware. Our vision is a world where women have the ability and opportunity to earn an income to support themselves and their families.

We offered 5 bloggers an interview with Fritha Mason, CEO of Secret Projects and winner of Prix Clarins 2018. This was an opportunity to probe further into the empowerment story behind Secret Projects, ask about our network of Indian producers and our products, as well as exactly how Secret Projects empowers women.

As International Women’s Day (IWD) 2020 approaches on 8th March, we thought it would also be a fantastic opportunity to use the inspirational and successful story of Secret Projects in articles and blogs. Secret Projects has a great campaign planned to mark IWD that involves female musicians, singers and songwriters from the Rock and Metal World that we would love to discuss with you.

Fritha’s journey is a shining example of how with hard work, persistence and dedication, women’s dreams can become reality and that story alone is a great one!

 The Interviews

Jessica Kapoor – Red Vogue - http://redvogue.simplesite.com/440044294

Velvet Karatzas - Te Esse - https://te-esse.com/2020/02/secret-projects-empowering-women-in-india.html

Simone Ribeiro – Midland Traveller - https://midlandstraveller.com/2020/03/01/meet-the-business-37-secret-projects-unfolding-womens-power/

Annabelle Godwin - Women Talking - https://www.womentalking.co.uk/secret-projects

Rowena Becker – My Balancing Act - https://mybalancingact.co.uk/secret-pillows-by-secret-projects/

 Welcome to our first Collog! Our collaboration blog!


It’s with great excitement that we announce we are working on a number of innovative and exciting collaborations and will be revealing all throughout the year!

We are so fortunate to have some really fun/ethical bloggers out there who not only love our Secret Products, but want to share our story and join us on our journey to empowering women in India. We will be keeping our supporters and customers up to date with links to our collaborative bloggers, so you can follow them too!

We began the new year on the hunt for 8 crafty bloggers to work their wonders with our Scrap Bundles and are delighted to be working in collaboration with:








We set them the challenge to come up with something creative and amazing from these fabric remnants left over from the production of our Secret Pillows and Secret Sari Dresses, which they have accepted with gusto! We cannot wait to see their masterpieces and show what can be done with a few left over fabric scraps of gorgeous material.


The first creation is in! Click below to admire what Craft With Cartwright came up with.





Keen to get crafty yourself? Buy your scrap bundle here

If you would like to get involved or want more information please contact Sophie at pr@secretprojects.org.