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Top 5 Top Tips Towards Owning a Wardrobe That Makes You Feel Empowered & Confident

Top 5 Top Tips Towards Owning a Wardrobe That Makes You Feel Empowered & Confident

We are delighted to have teamed up with image consultant and fashion designer, Esther Walker of ‘Essie Walker studio’ to give us 5 top tips to moving towards owning a wardrobe that makes you feel empowered and confident in your choices.

  1. Discover your best colours – when you know your personal colour palette, you will put yourself in the strongest position to constructing the perfect wardrobe. In a 1:1 session using coloured drapes, Esther can determine which colours make you look healthy and glowing - and which ones you should avoid. The result is your very own colour palette to keep. How cool is that!
  2. Your wardrobe – When you are confident in your personal colours you can systematically go through your wardrobe and pull out everything that doesn’t work with your palette. You can then responsibly pass on anything that doesn’t suit you and be left with a wardrobe of only items that make you look wonderful.
  3. Get creative – With the items left in your wardrobe you can a) see clearly what is there b) create some exciting new outfit combinations c) work out what is really missing.
  4. Go shopping! – With your colour palette and list of what you need you can then head out on a conscious shopping spree. Targeted shopping is the perfect way to discover new ethical clothing and accessory brands, find new places to buy your clothes (charity shops and vintage markets are great for unique finds that nobody else has plus you are making a sustainable purchase) .
  5. Buy new a lipstick – to celebrate discovering your best colours you have the right to invest in a couple of new lipsticks that compliment your palette. One for every day and one for special occasion.

Never make costly, wasteful mistakes again and only make ethical choices. Buy less and buy better! 

 Inspired to explore your colours or book a personal shopping session? – Click here to visit Esther’s website and find out more.

Learn about colour by following Esther on Instagram @essiewalkerstudio