Secret Pillow Bonkers Boxing Day Sale

This is our first ever Boxing Day Sale! We are selling some of our Secret Pillows with a £15 discount in order to make way for our new collections in 2019. We are excited about lots of Secret Pillows flying out into the world to tell our story of women's empowerment. Our vision is that all women have the confidence and resources to make their own choices for themselves and their children. Quite simply, the more Secret Pillows we sell, the more women are empowered ... so go bonkers! The sale ends on the 2nd January.
7 results
Red Thistle Secret Pillow
Only 2 left!
Crazy Orange Secret Pillow
Crazy White Secret Pillow
Mustard Paisley Secret Pillow
Triangle Mania Green & Yellow Secret Pillow
Only 2 left!
Wooden Paisley Secret Pillow
Only 2 left!
Camouflage Secret Pillow Blue
Only 1 left!