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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Embroidered Letter Secret Pillows

The Embroidered Letter Secret Pillow is the most beautiful addition to our Secret Pillow Collection. The story behind it is equally as beautiful...   

We are incredibly blessed to count among our customers a highly accomplished embroiderer, Alison.  We asked Alison if she could help us create a relatively simple embroidered letter template to be stitched by hand, and goodness, did she deliver!  Alison did the most wonderful job of designing a set of highly decorative letters, put together some samples, as well as a set of clear and easy to follow instructions for our Makers.   

These samples and instructions were sent to India for production to begin in Momataaj’s Unit – one of our Maker Groups based to the east of Kolkata, just a few kilometres from the Bangladesh boarder. We were able to partner with an amazing NGO, Rahlene Enterprises who trained the women using Alisons resources and so... the Embroidered Secret Pillow came to life! 

The women at Momataaj’s Unit, embroider each letter by hand on to panels with such amazing skill and care. Once completed these gorgeous letters are sent to our production unit in Bengaluru, checked for quality and then made up into  gorgeous, personal Secret Pillows to be sent around the globe! 

By the way... these embroidery panels are also available to purchase in our Craft and Sewing Collection for any keen embroiderer out there! 

We have a wealth of ideas for other Secret Products using embroidered letters and will be sharing these over the coming months. We can’t wait! 

Embroidered Letter Secret Pillows