Face Masks

We are delighted to introduce Secret Projects face masks! Every face mask you buy empowers, with our Makers receiving 70% of the profit from each mask they lovingly stitch. We are particularly pleased to be able to offer a choice of sizes for both adults and children.  

What our customers are saying:
My granddaughters love their masks! Lucia from Bristol




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Pack of 5 Adult Size Female Face Mask
Pack of 5 Adult Size Male Face Mask
Pack of 5 Children 7-12 year Unisex Face Mask
Pack of 5 Children 3-6 year Unisex Face Mask
Camou Face Mask
White Square Face Mask
Pale Blue Face Mask
Greyish Denim Face Mask
Grey Denim Face Mask
Blue Denim Face Mask
Black Gingham Face Mask
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