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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

The Really Tiny Secret Pillow

The Really Tiny Secret Pillows are, as the name suggests, very small! Their main purpose is to decorate your Christmas tree, but they have another important function: to empower our producers and you, our customers. These tiny products can have a huge impact. Here's how...

Really Tiny Secret Pillows are made from scraps of fabric and wadding left over from making a Secret Pillow. This means that our Maker Networks in India can make more products out of the same amount of fabric and reduce waste.

We have started working with women who live in urban slums. The most hard to reach of these women have houses no bigger than a small double bed. Typically, 5 or 6 people sleep in these homes, some on top of the bed and some underneath the bed. As you can imagine, they do not have the space to make the standard Secret Pillows in their homes, but they can make Really Tiny Secret Pillows.

The nature of the way our Maker Networks operate means that the production of Secret Pillows is not always constant. When demand for Secret Pillows slows down, or women find that the reality of their lives gets in the way of work, they can make Really Tiny Secret Pillows and build up a stock for us to sell over the Christmas season.