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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Spread the word of Secret Pillow Project

You can help us spread the word about Secret Pillow project in the following ways:

Tell the world you are a Secret Pillower

Post a picture of you and your secret pillow on Social media using #spillowproject #givepower #womensempowerment

Here are our Social Media pages:


Inspire a friend

Share your passion for women’s empowerment by email your friends to tell them about the project.   Let them know they can also empower a woman by buying a Secret Pillow or giving Secret Pillow as a gift

Email this information to your friends:

Dear Friend,

I am emailing you because I want to tell you about this amazing project I have discovered called Secret Pillow Project www.secretpillow.org.uk

The project empowers women from disadvantaged backgrounds through the making and selling of Secret Pillows.  

The effect that this has on the women’s life is transformational in empowering them.   By having a source of income the women regain their self confidence, respect within their community and in many cases the ability to bring up their children.

Women who engage with the project are are taught how to manufacture a Secret Pillow, given a small loan so that they can buy the materials to make their first pillow and given an outlet through Secret Pillow Project to sell their products.

For every three Secret Pillows the project sells, they are able to invite another woman to take part in their empowerment programme.

I thought that the project would interest you, check out the website, buy yourself a Secret Pillow and help a new women start her journey.

Love me

Take your secret Pillow with you

Take you Secret Pillow with you and show it to people.   By spreading the word and explain how it is empowering women you’ll be helping.   You can buy a Secret Pillow bag in the shop so that you always have your Secret Pillow close to hand.   

Host a Secret Pillow party

Why not host a Secret Pillow party, invite friends, family and colleagues along and tell them about the project, the more people that know and buy pillows the more women you will be empowering.   Visit the Host a secret pillow party page here