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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Give your time, expertise, love or money

Secret Projects would not be where it is today without the help of a huge number of people who have given their time, expertise, love and money. A huge thank you you all!

We have plenty of opportunities to accept more. Our project prides itself of ensuring those who give to us feel the pure joy of giving.

Give your time and become a wallah

A wallah is a person in India that does a specific task. You have chai wallahs who make tea, ricksaw wallahs who drive ricksaws and so one. We invite you to help us at our Christmas Pop Up Shop called Discover the Secret of the Pillows and become any type of wallah you want...

Be a -

  • Chai wallah
  • Secret Pillow wallah
  • Sprouser wallah
  • Leaflet wallah
  • Smiling wallah
  • Selling wallah
  • Loading and unloading wallah

So seriously, if you would like to give time click here and select from the slot/s you can commit too.

In more detail...

Load in / Load out

We have 1 day to load in (Sunday 6 December) and 1 day to load out (Saturday 12 December). We need volunteers to help us:

  • lift and shift Secret Pillows and other items into the unit
  • paint
  • clean
  • make constant rounds of tea & coffee
  • style and fluff

    Click here to offer your time

    Help in the shop

    The shop will be open from Monday 7 December from 8am until late every day till Friday 11 December. We need volunteers to help us:

    • sell the Secret Pillows by demonstrating how to fold and unfold
    • interact with passers by outside the shop by inviting them in and giving them information
    • shop sprouser
    • make tea for our customers

    Click here to offer your time

    All wallahs will be well looked after by the UK team.