How Does This Project Empower?

We work with charities and NGOs based in India. These organisations link us to women who want to earn a living but who need help finding those opportunities. The organisations meet with the women, often in community centres, and they create an environment in which the women can meet, sew together and support each other. The groups of women who sew are called Maker Groups. Secret Projects then runs a training session using our POWER mantra to teach the women to make Secret Pillows and other products. Importantly, we provide a route to market for what they have made – the final link in the chain they previously lacked. They are supported with training & development and the ultimate goal is for the women to drive their own micro-enterprises. 

The women who join a Maker Group start a journey of empowerment with Secret Projects. This is a 4-stage programme:

Stage 1: Training - Makers learn how to make foldable Secret Products, e.g. Secret Pillows

Stage 2: Professionalism - Makers are supported to produce products of the highest export standards

Stage 3: Enterprise Development - Makers are coached to uncover local opportunities to generate an income

Stage 4: Leadership - Emerging leaders are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and grow their confidence