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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

How does making and selling Secret Projects Empower?

How does the making and selling of Secret Products empower? 

The golden thread that runs through all the Secret Projects Product Ranges is EMPOWERMENT. Our Makers receive 70% of the profit from each product they lovingly stitch AND, through our four stage Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme, have an opportunity to start their own micro-enterprise.  


A little background to our Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme 

Our Virtual Training for Empowerment Programme (VTFEP) plays a central and important role at Secret Projects and forms the basis of our vision of a world where all women have the confidence and resources to make choices, thrive and contribute to the strengthening of their communities. 

Working closely with established and reputable Indian based charities and NGO’s, we are able to link with communities of women with good sewing skills, who want to be able to earn their own living from their expertise, but need support to find income-generating opportunities. These women become part of our Maker Community, forming local Maker Groups and with our guidance, learn how to make Secret Products. 

Each women becomes part of our 4 stage VTFEP that not only provides a route to both the domestic and international sales markets, but also gives each member the tools to be able to form their own micro-enterprises, if this is something they want to pursue. 


The four stages of Virtual Training for Empowerment 

Stage 1 - Training 

Makers learn how to make foldable Secret Products, e.g. Secret Pillows 

Stage 2 - Professionalism 

Makers are supported to produce products of the highest export standards 

Stage 3 - Enterprise Development 

Makers are coached to uncover local opportunities to generate an income 

Stage 4 - Leadership 

Emerging leaders are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and grow their confidence

Our Values and Virtual Training for Empowerment 

Our values act as a foundation for our VTFEP, with each of our Maker Groups learning about exactly what they are, and mean to us as an organisation from the on-set. The women tell us that they admire our values and are proud to be part of a business that has such an ethical, caring and professional bedrock. Learn about our values here.