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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India

Who we are

Fritha Vincent, Founder and CEO

"I believe women are the world's most effective agents for allocating resources fairly. It has been proven time and time again that when women are in control of a family's budget the children are healthier, safer and better educated. I am determined to channel income into the hands of women in India who face huge economic challenge. Women rock! I am honoured to do this alongside my powerful team of global sellers."

This is Gordon, our lead social investor. Gordon says "I believe in the ability of Secret Projects to empower women in rural villages. It is incredible to see the women grow in confidence as they make and the increased resources has a direct impact on the health, safety and educational attainments of their children."

This is Taja, our leader in USA. Taja says "From working with volunteers for years I came to understand how much people what to help others. And I learnt that for so many, including myself as a mother of two, volunteering for months on end is impossible. This is why I love Secret Pillow Project because anyone and everyone can participate and have a impact easily."

This is Annabel our Brand Designer and Manager. Annabel says "I love working with Secret Projects because I know that the very small part I play in this incredible business makes a huge difference to the lives of the talented makers in India. If I can help boost sales with the new brand and all the online campaign designs we do, then I'm a happy lady!"

This is Aimee, our Head of Events. Aimee says "Secret Projects is an empowering organisation, all the way through our model. Being involved in something so transformational for others and with such an entrepreneurial slant fills me with joy and confidence."

This is Sarah, our Garment Technologist. She says "I am passionate about working for a Social business because I believe every women has the right to fulfil her potential and be financially self sufficient wherever she lives."

This is Rachel, our Product Innovator. She says "I am passionate about working for a Social business because I like to know my work is making a difference to someone."

This is Steve, our UK Logistics Expert. Steve says "I believe in hard work and logical thinking. Secret Projects is a simple concept that has a huge impact on women that work hard. Women's empowerment is essential for our planet to be saved!"