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We love saris! Secret Projects is a UK social enterprises economically empowering women in India who have the skill to stitch. We make products, sell products, sell consultancy and bespoke travel. Working in India for over a decade has developed our love for saris, their versatility and their general all round beauty. We get given preloved saris all the time and we are always coming up with new ways to give them a second life. 

This pack was put together in April 2022 under the leadership of Amy Cowell from Turquoise Studios @wewearteal. Thank you Amy!

Some sari facts:

  • Most saris are approx. 112cm wide and are around 5.5 metres long 
  • There are LOTS of saris in the world. Saris are a gifting currency for special occasions like weddings and births of children. There is a thriving market for brand new saris and for second hand saris
  • Secret Projects has worked with both brand new saris and second hand saris to make our products  

When you buy this DIY pack you will be able to make your own sari kimono and choose your own length.

The instructions are based on the maker having half a standard sari so basically 2.25 metres of fabric, 112 cm wide.  

From these instructions one will be able to make any one of the following: 

  1. Adult Sari Kimono to length just under the hip. Perfect to wear with shorts
  2. Adult Sari Kimono to length just under the knee 
  3. Adult Sari Kimono to length of about mid calf 

Of course the final length is totally up to you. Once you have made your kimono, you will also have spare fabric to make a belt, belt loops, matching scrunchie etc. But these instructions don’t include instructions on this, we assume you will free style with your scraps! 

You can use either a sewing machine or sew by hand.  

Included in this special DIY pack is: 

  • the instructions only - ideal for anyone who already has a sari or 2

You will need: 

  • Iron and flat surface to iron on 
  • Tailors chalk  
  • Sewing scissors 
  • Sewing machine - with bias binding foot if you have one  
  • Needle and thread if you are sewing by hand 
  • Dress making pins  

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