Enjoy shopping for Secret Products...Featured below is our first and most popular product, the Secret Pillow. A pillow that unfolds into a blanket.


This is our Maker Group called Divine. The name Divine is derived from the fact that the maker group are a mix of Christians and Hindus, with a strong belief in divine grace. They are from the suburbs of Bengaluru, near a stone quarry called Kannur. Bengaluru has a population of over 10 million making it a mega city and the third most populate city in India. The women have a limited option for work but were trained by the government in a skill development program. Post training, they did not have orders for sewing and any support to utilise their sewing skills. Most of the women have limited financial independence and are very happy to sew for Secret Projects. The money that they earn enables them to support their personal needs, which they couldn't otherwise do. They are also able to support their children and parents when they meet them.
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