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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Shining Stars

Shining Stars

Shining Stars Maker Group live in the state of Kerala in Southern India. There are 15 members. Between them they have 30 children. Each Maker has a child with profound learning difficulties and they managed to get them into a school which caters for their needs. The women travel a long distance to take their children to school and initially they found themselves waiting around the school for their children to finish their classes. They decided to rent a room at the school and set up a sewing unit. Through unity and coming together every day to sew, talk and sing they have found great strength. They operate as a proper sew unit and orders for Secret Projects are their one international order. The makers were initially trained through the women’s empowerment project run by Ammachi Labs and funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund. They dream of happy lives for their children and continued success of their sewing unit.