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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Meet Shalema!

Meet Shalema!

My name is Shalema. I live with my parents, my brother and his wife and their three children. My father is a fisherman and we also earn some income through farming. Before I was doing domestic work in homes. I connected with Secret Projects through my Aunt Fatima who told me about the sewing unit. She also sews here.

I particularly like making Secret Sari Dresses because of all the beautiful patterned fabrics that I get to work with. I think it is important to learn new things and it makes me feel good about myself that I am able to earn money and contribute to household expenses. With my earnings I have been able to buy sandals and a silver chain for my mum, a a bracelet for my sister and also clothes for my niece and nephew. I also bought fabric to stitch and design my own burqa. This makes me feel good as a woman. I want to continue stitching and learning new designs and making more complex items of clothing. I enjoy going to work as I find the other Makers at the unit good company. I hope that we can continue making and become experts in dressmaking in the future. I would like to thank all the customers at Secret Projects for buying our products and for encouraging us to continue working.