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Welcome to Secret Projects, a UK registered social enterprise, creating work for women in India
Secret Sari Necklaces

Secret Sari Necklaces

At Secret Projects, we hate waste … but we love the wonderful possibilities of leftover scraps. And scraps are an inevitability when sewing and making! We are currently developing lots of creative ways in which to use our scraps, to ensure that we are left with as little waste as possible. One of these ways is the making of smaller products such as our Secret Sari Necklace, which is made using sari scraps leftover from Secret Sari Dress production as well as wooden beads and striking statement medallions.

Not only do our Secret Sari Necklaces reduce waste, but they also allow for our Makers to be artistic and create a unique piece reflecting their own creativity. They are also the perfect product for our Maker Groups who don’t have the space and/or facilities to make Secret Pillows and larger items, which is often the case for our rural groups. A kind and empowering product on so many levels! 

Our Secret Sari Necklaces went into production in November 2018 following our first ever customer trip. Our Makers were trained by customer and educationalist Lesley Pearce who took part in the trip. Here is a photo of Lesley and Malayarasi Maker Group in the Nilgiris in action!


Inspired by her time in India on the customer trip, Lesley has curated an educational trip to India for textiles and technology teachers which she will be leading in January 2020. This trip is an exploration of traditional dying, block printing, ethical production and women's empowerment. We hope that the teachers taking part will go back to their school communities and spread the word of incredible India, ethical production and social enterprise as a route to empowerment. Click here to read more about the trip.

Thank you Lesley for inspiring the Secret Sari Necklace. We are currently experimenting with more bold and beautiful necklace designs … watch this space!!