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Round Quell Medallion
Triangle Heart Medallion
Tiny Little Twinkle Medallion
Oliver Medallion
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Half Moon Medallion
Golden Mesh Bead Small
Small Pearl Bead
Small Pearl Bead
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Wooden Button
Wooden Button
From £1.00
Orchids Fabric
Loxodonta Brown Fabric
Loxodonta Blue Fabric
Peacock Fabric
Mahara Red Fabric
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Mahara Blue Fabric
Peony Fabric
Peony Fabric
Dabu Hazzi Fabric
Laylay Fabric
Laylay Fabric
Squirrels Fabric
Aster Pink Fabric
Aster Green Fabric
Aster Yellow Fabric
White Bell Fabric
Bandini Green Fabric
Bandini Red Fabric
Bandini Black Fabric
Ajrakh Beige Fabric
Ajrakh Green Fabric
Lily White Fabric
Mal Yellow Fabric
Algi Rust Fabric
100 Beads Mixed With Draw String Bag
Three Shield Medallion
The Eye Medallion
Small Ring Secret Sari Necklace
Peacock Medallion
Gate Medallion
59 results
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