Enjoy shopping for Secret Products...Featured below is our first and most popular product, the Secret Pillow. A pillow that unfolds into a blanket.

Business in a Box at Christmas

Our Makers in India need to work. Our Customers across the globe want to buy sustainable and ethical Christmas gifts. Mix this all together and hey presto, we give you Business in a Box for Christmas! 

Order a box from this Collection and our Makers will immediately begin work to lovingly stitch each Secret Product in your box!  These will then be shipped to our UK warehouse by the end of November, giving us plenty of time to place them into a beautiful box and pop it in the post to be with you well before Christmas. Your gorgeous box will also contain a Christmas cards as well as newspaper gift bags for each item, to make life even easier! 

As you give our these wonderful gifts to your friends and family, you can be sure that the income our Makers have earned from stitching your presents will be used to buy food and medicines, cover education costs for their children and in some cases clean water.  

One thing our Makers constantly tell us is that they don't want to be beneficiaries, they want to work to earn their own living and you, our customers help make this possible. Thank you.  

Order today and get Secret Projects Makers into action... 

Business in a Box at Christmas
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