A collection of Personalised Secret Pillows has been a dream of Secret Projects for a long time now. We searched India to find a digital printer good enough to partner with. We finally found our match in Quancious, a progressive fashion brand and digital printing company based in Bengaluru. They specialise in environmentally-friendly techniques that do not pollute India's fresh water resources. We are excited to have teamed up with them to launch our Personalised Collection of Secret Pillows in a collaboration that blends customisation and sustainability. 

All our Personalised Secret Pillows are lined with calico cotton, which means that they can be drawn and written on with a fabric pen. 

Click here to see one of our Personalised Secret Pillows in action! 

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Best Teacher Secret Pillow
Thank You Secret Pillow
Good Luck Secret Pillow
Love Secret Pillow
Alphabet Secret Pillow